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Dr. Ilanna Loeffel believes in the power of educating women about birth control

Dr Loeffel explains birth control.
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A born educator, Dr. Ilanna Loeffel gets a great deal of satisfaction from educating women about birth control. When asked why she is interested in helping her patients learn more about contraceptives, she said, “It’s important for women to have power over their reproductive health. [It’s vital for women] to be able to start a family when they want to and have the power to make those decisions.”

Dr. Loeffel received the Ryan Resident Scholarship during residency, allowing her to pursue additional opportunities to learn about family planning.

Educating women about birth control includes explaining their options

Dr. Ilanna Loeffel works with her patients to find the contraceptive method that works best for their health and lifestyle. Our San Antonio OBGYN helps women sort through their choices.

  • Long-acting reversible contraception includes implantable rods and intrauterine devices (IUDs). Sometimes called “set it and forget it” birth control, these devices are highly effective.
  • Hormonal methods include oral contraceptives, the birth control patch, the injection and the vaginal ring.
  • Barrier methods include the contraceptive sponge, cervical cap, cervical shield, diaphragm, and male and female condoms.

Dr. Loeffel also discusses permanent sterilization and natural family planning with patients who are interested in those methods.

Our San Antonio OBGYN takes a thorough and compassionate approach to contraceptives

Educating women about birth control usually takes place during an appointment to choose a contraceptive. After checking their vitals and reviewing their health history, Dr. Loeffel asks patients a few key questions.

  • When is the next time they want to get pregnant? What are their fertility plans?
  • How good are they at remembering to take pills and stay on a schedule? She does not ask this in a judgmental way, but because the ability to remember medication plays an important role in the choice of contraception.
  • Do they have any questions about the variety of birth control options? Have they heard anything that concerns them about a particular method?

Dr. Ilanna Loeffel believes education builds confidence and trust

Informing women about the many contraceptive choices available today is an important part of educating women about birth control and gaining their trust. She says, “There are a lot of options that we can find that work for patients. It’s not just pills anymore. There are all sorts of other options, and we can find something that fits in with your life and your needs.”

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